Tanzania Institute of Mining Engineers (TIME)

TIME will endeavor to honor legacy by becoming a relevant and valued society through its contribution to the growth and economic sustainability of the mineral industry both locally and across the globe.


Our Key Objectives

Advance Professional Excellency

To Promote and advance Professional Excellency and continually strengthen its image as a dynamic society by playing a leading role in the initiation, innovation and implementation of new ideas in the mineral sector and give effect to the requirements of Tanzania economy

Mineral Stakeholders Meetings

To provide opportunities for meeting together and provide a direct link between its members and other stakeholders of mineral sector industry.

Promote Mineral Sector Development

To enable mineral sector professionals all over the country to actively participate in harmony in the development and dissemination of mineral sector knowledge and in nation-building tasks through sharing of knowledge and expertise that will enhance capacity building

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TIME Membership Requirements

Any person may be registered as member in the society until and unless be qualified and fulfill the conditions or requirement as provided herein below;


(a) Any person may become if he or she satisfied by the Executive Committee that they have a tertiary degree or equivalent qualification acceptable to the Executive Committee and have been engaged in the minerals and extractive industries or in government, educational, research, professional directly concerned with those industries in a capacity related to their area of tertiary study for a period of more than three years.


(b) Have achieved professional status and a position of professional responsibility through a combination of formal post-secondary education and experiential learning, over a period of at least ten years whilst engaged in the minerals and extractive industries, o r in government, education, research, professional directly concerned with those industries.


(c) A candidate who has obtained a degree or equivalent by study over an extended period and who has attained a position of professional responsibility before completing the experience requirements for membership, may be admitted at the discretion of the Executive Committee after a shorter period than the specified one.

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